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World-Class Web Design & SEO | Full Service Advertising & Marketing

We build really great websites that sell your product or service.
We use open-source code to keep them affordable.
We’re incredibly committed to customer service.
We write, design, develop, promote: and we’re great with SEO.
Who is going to visit your website? How will they find it? What will they do when they get there? Do you even NEED one? Our first job is to help you answer these questions, and plan a strategy based on a proven, yet simple, marketing formula: Problem – Solution – Proof – Action.
Our WordPress-based solutions are truly world-class. We work with an elite developer club to share the code that powers thousands of websites – saving you money, enhancing functionality, and ensuring that your new site looks fantastic. From concept to completion, we design beautiful, functional websites that drive sales for years to come.
Our copywriter is the ex-Creative Director of the agency that ran Rolls-Royce, Pizza Hut, Microsoft, Guinness and Lloyds of London. He won the UK Business to Business Ad of the Year, won more awards in 1999 than any other entire agency combined, and charges $20k for an infomercial. You get him for free.
Anyone can post a Facebook update and call themselves a social media expert. Integrating social media for true brand enhancement is where we excel – creating a rich and responsive experience between customer and seller that results in an enhanced cash flow in the right direction.
We don’t charge SEO (search engine optimization) management fees. Ever. Our competitors do. Ask them why. Instead, we build the SEO into your site from the get-go, so that you rank highly and organically on your own merits – not at the top of the list because you paid to be there. (What happens when you stop paying…?)


  • p 3D Treecare

    3D Treecare...

    25 May 2015

    We love making sites for people who provide the nitty-gritty services that grease the cogs that keep our world going. 3D Treecare, a local...

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  • p Lyons Art on th

    Lyons Art on the Green Festiva...

    6 Jan 2015

    Colorado is becoming more known for its festivals every year. Enthusiasts come from across the globe to see how we Coloradans celebrate ou...

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  • p Common Cents En

    Common Cents Energy Recovery...

    11 Nov 2014

    When we were first contacted by Common Cents Energy Recovery, we thought, “What is a heat exchanger, and why does someone clean them...

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  • p Visit Longmont

    Visit Longmont Beer Page...

    11 Nov 2014

    Visit Longmont are good friends of ours. They are a priceless resource for those in Longmont, and those coming to town as well. So, when...

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  • p A florae Floral

    A florae Floral Designers...

    21 May 2014

    Rachel Mann has built A Florae from the ground up to become one of the most successful and sought-after wedding and corporate event floris...

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  • p La Vita Bella C

    La Vita Bella Coffee...

    21 May 2014

    La Vita Bella Coffee has it all… a great location, terrific people, strong sales and truly amazing coffee. For most small business owner...

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  • p Silver Star Bou

    Silver Star Boudoir...

    21 May 2014

    At Longmont Website Solutions we love photography websites. There’s something about high-quality images taking up our screens and ou...

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  • p Legacy of Learn

    Legacy of Learning...

    15 May 2014

    Legacy of Learning is a non-profit empowering at-risk youth in Boulder County through education. Kids who fall behind in school often don...

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  • p N Line Electric

    N Line Electric...

    15 May 2014

    N Line Electric is a mid-sized electrical contractor specializing in distribution, substation construction, and the oil and gas industry. ...

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  • p Donohoe Builder

    Donohoe Builders...

    15 May 2014

    When your homes are as stunning as the Donohoes’ million-dollar mansions, the website becomes a vehicle for showing off. So how DO y...

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  • p Attention Homes

    Attention Homes...

    15 May 2014

    Sometimes you just have to get a project right. And that project is Attention Homes. In our preliminary discussions with Claire and Brittn...

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  • p Sweet Cheeks Co

    Sweet Cheeks Confections and C...

    15 May 2014

    What could be more fun than helping someone start their own cake and confection business! Kim Quick embodies the young entrepreneur. With ...

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  • p Longmont Lashes

    Longmont Lashes...

    13 May 2014

    Longmont Lashes is a recent business started as an off-shoot of Longmont Skincare Solutions, bringing lash extensions to Longmont. We work...

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  • p Blue Skies Mass

    Blue Skies Massage...

    12 May 2014

    You don’t win an award for your business plan in a statewide contest without knowing what you want. Emily Bauer knows what she wants...

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  • p Kolby Decoratin

    Kolby Decorating...

    12 May 2014

    Mark and Jeni run a family business that has its roots in the day Mark’s grandfather stepped off the boat to escape the Nazis. Wheth...

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  • p Longmont Cleani

    Longmont Cleaning...

    4 Apr 2014

    Longmont Cleaning is an up-and-coming locally-owned cleaning company. We were lucky enough to meet Chad Hartkopf, the company’s foun...

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 Read some of this stuff, it’s quite useful.

Longmont Compass Social Media Development

Longmont Compass Social Media DevelopmentFor our newest venture, the Longmont Compass, we knew that our social media had to be spot on. We have seen many media outlets post links to their articles with a bland excerpt, and we have seen the response they receive: minimal. We set out to create an engaging and enjoyable social media presence for our company. We chose to differentiate the [read more]

Write for Longmont Compass!

Write for Longmont Compass!One of the great things about Longmont Compass is that it’s open to you, to your friends and neighbors – to the entire community, in fact. We’re the next-generation of local news and resources. Our content is created by our users, as well as by the editorial staff, and we’re committed to keeping it that way. Maybe you want to write [read more]

What Are You Looking For?

What Are You Looking For?What are you looking for? I’ve known a lot of business owners in my career, and this has always been a question I make sure to ask: What, EXACTLY, are you looking for? It seems like a simple enough question. There are the obvious solutions: more customers, more money from those customers, more repeat business, to be the buzz around town. The [read more]


BirdhouseUsing Twitter to Build an Audience and an Identity. Everyone remember the Super Bowl in 2013? Just minutes into the second half and the lights go out. We all sat around for 34 minutes joking about a saboteur who wouldn't stop until <insert favored team name here> won. Then came a tweet that changed the Super Bowl ad game. Power out? No problem. [read more]

Planning Your Website

Planning Your WebsiteMessage, message, message. That’s how you plan a website. Because at the end of the day, a website is nothing more than a means of conveying your message to the paying public. The way it looks… the way it functions… the way it reads… even the way you find it. They’re all part of the message. Does it have bubbles floating around? Who [read more]

The Importance Of Exceptional Copywriting

The Importance Of Exceptional CopywritingThe first question that many people ask themselves when they decide to contact us for web design is “What will it look like?” But think of your website as someone you meet online for a date. Sure, if they look good you might have coffee with them a few times, maybe even drinks. But if their conversation is entirely about their [read more]

The Web Design Process (Briefly)

The Web Design Process (Briefly)As a small or medium-sized business, the chances are you don’t want to pay $25,000 or more for your web design. Nor do you want to pay a monthly ‘maintenance fee’ for the privilege of having the thing actually work. But here’s the kicker – you may not really know how to actually get your needs met, without paying a fortune. You’re probably [read more]

Creative Web Design With WordPress

Creative Web Design With WordPressWeb design is not as easy as you’d think. So you may be asking yourself, how is it possible that Longmont Website Solutions can build sites of such exceptional quality at such a low, low cost? If you aren’t, just humor us. This page doesn’t really work unless you get into the spirit. Well, we say with a smile… it’s funny you [read more]

Managing Your Web Presence

Managing Your Web PresenceWeb design determines what your website looks like. But your web presence is the sum of all the information about your business that’s floating around the internet. The reviews on Yelp. The posts on Facebook. The long-forgotten tweets of 2011. The listing in Google Maps, the local directories, the tagged pictures on Picasa and even the comments you made on someone [read more]

Why Bother With Social Media?

Why Bother With Social Media?Women spend 30% more time on social media sites than men. The fastest-growing demographic on Twitter is the 55-64 age-range. 46% of consumers expect companies to answer their questions individually on Facebook. Weekday tweets are 14% more effective than weekend ones. Are you keeping up? Of course not. There are statistics out there that will hotly contest everything we’ve just said. [read more]

Creative Briefs

Creative BriefsBefore we start on a web design, we ask a few questions. Actually, a lot of questions. Websites fail because the creative briefing process is either ignored or given lip service. Perhaps you’ve already experienced that moment – when the web designer proudly unveils her new website, complete with dancing rhinos, four auto-playing YouTube clips, entirely designed in Comic Sans, and [read more]

Stop Go Daddy

Stop Go DaddyHey, we can take a little rejection. No problems. But if you’re going to build your own website, please let us help with a little friendly advice. First off, you’ll want a domain name. WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT BUY IT THROUGH GO DADDY. Go Daddy is second on our list of incredibly unethical websites. (We’ll get to Yelp later.) Think about [read more]